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Ware Shooting Academy Goals & Objectives

Ware Shooting Academy delivers state-of-the-art training in all aspects of handgun shooting from beginners to advanced users.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and practice handgun shooting and all our courses embody the concept that as you become more proficient in handling and shooting a handgun, you not only become a better and safer shooter, but you also build confidence in your ability to solve problems and make correct decisions.

Ware Shooting Academy also believes that training to shoot a handgun is serious, but should also be fun.  Every shooting course is designed to give the student a complete understanding of shooting requirements, but also allows students to enjoy interesting and different shooting experiences, including skill tests, competitions and live-fire shooting games.

Every Ware Shooting Academy course requires all students to subscribe to the following principles:

     1.  Respect yourself and respect others.

     2.  Follow all instructions.

     3.  Handle firearms properly and safely.

     4.  Arrive for sessions on-time, properly dressed and in a learning frame of mind.


All Ware Shooting Academy instructors are certified by NRA and Massachusetts State Police.  Instructors have extensive military and law enforcement experience, including combat experience and military small-arms proficiency.

Remember - at the Ware Shooting Academy you are here to learn and here to have fun!